Children are our most valuable resource in the world as well as our hope for a positive future. To ensure they have the brightest future possible we work to keep them physically and emotionally healthy.

           Children’s unique personalities may not always blend into the main stream of school or community thus causing them stress and unhappiness in their day to day life leading to emotional and behavioral acting out. Additionally, parents often struggle with understanding and knowing how to manage their child’s emotions and behaviors leading to a conflictual relationship with their child. 

          When children or adolescents are having emotional and behavioral difficulties that have been occurring for an extended period of time, the whole family struggles. Dr. Aiken knows the importance of family functioning in a child’s life. Family therapy is an important tool to help the family develop a healthy family environment.

  Cheryl Aiken PsyD, LPCC has worked for over 30 years with children and families. Dr. Aiken provides individual, group, and family therapy for children and their parents from the framework of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Experiential Therapy.

  Dr. Aiken also provides video therapy for individuals that have a difficult time getting to the office due to distance, time, or work schedule. Call, email, or text Dr. Aiken to set up video therapy appointment time.  Video Therapy with Dr. Aiken

     When working with children ages 3-8 she utilizes Play Therapy, the most effective form of treatment for young children. Dr. Aiken also provides parenting skills development to parents individually and in a group setting.
     Dr. Aiken  provides relationship counseling for couples to strengthen their relationship enabling them to be a solid support for one another and their family.

     Children and parents can have many struggles in this high stress and fast paced world. These stressors can take a toll on children and parents. Children and adolescents develop various ways to cope with stressors in their lives. At times children as young as eight years old turn to drugs to manage their emotions and stress.

      Dr. Aiken has worked with adolescents and adults in addressing the issues of substance abuse. She helps individuals and families understand the dynamics of addiction and learn more productive ways to cope with emotions and daily life stressors.

      Trauma has increased in prevelance over the past several years due to an increase in maltreatment of children, gun violence, and natural disasters. Dr. Aiken works with individuals who have been traumatized to resolve traumatic emotions through the use of EMDR.